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Dec 6, 2018
I appreciate your passionate response. First, money out versus money in dictates
affordability. I don't know BamaCoug's expenses outside of adopting 2 newborns which usually costs a pretty coin. I can estimate his money-in is sufficient, and given his communication skills along with many other things, it's likely that he has his finances in order to be able to afford the school. I tend to agree with you on this.

Obviously, boosters couldn't donate, but could everyone else?

Here's the issue IMO, if he's such a great talent then we may lose him to other schools that offer scholarships. I, for one, believe he's got a lot of things going for him and is worthy of a scholarship. Why pay for school (even as a father) when it's paid for by someone else. Depending what vehicle BamaCoug has used to save for his kids secondary education, he can put the money towards other things for his son or invest and give it to him once his son's completed his schooling.

IF BYU isn't willing to offer a scholarship, then as fans, we could secure his commitment to the program given that this hypothetical scenario played out in this particular way. I for one am impressed with his skillset and raw attributes.

Just a thought.
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