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Jan 10, 2019
Cougzilla Walk-on
Open letter on LES expansion

To who may concern:


       We want to start by thanking you for all you have done for BYU and it’s fan base. You have carried the torch with honor and have made “Reppin the Y” easy for all of Cougar Nation.  

       In our lives, our priorities have always been 1)Faith, 2)Family and 3)Football, with BYU football being a big part of our lives for as long as we can remember. This will continue as we now share the same experiences we had when we were young with our kids.

       When the renderings of the potential changes being made to Lavell Edwards Stadium were revealed, we were intrigued and contemplated as to what we would do if we had the resources and were tasked with developing a vision to remodel LES. With the current state of the program, we feel that a major upgrade may be needed again as the last real improvements came almost 40 years ago and led to BYU enjoying success both on and off the field. 

        Now, due to some of our own small financial success we have been able to attend many college football and NFL games this year, including all 13 BYU games, and, to be perfectly blunt, LES is falling behind in dramatic fashion. We believe that both fans and players deserve a more comfortable and spiritual game day experience. BYU football should be one of the greatest missionary tools that the Church of Jesus Christ can use to start gospel conversations, and we feel it is being completely underutilized in regards to our visiting fans. To that end, we have a few ideas that will help promote our faith, build our Cougar family, and, hopefully, help our team and coaches have more success on and off the field.

         Our ideas include the obvious, such as, updated seating with more leg room and tiered seating on the west sideline. This will allow the opportunity to offer premium seating to all of the loyal, strong, and true members of the cougar club while maintaining the view of the mountains that have helped make LES one of the best venues for college football in the nation. Exclusive concessions and restrooms for the Cougars Club members would increase club numbers and offer a fantastic benefit to being a Cougar Club member. Lets also not forget the men on the field who deserve updates to their locker room. This would help a great deal in recruiting and in return give us a better product on the field.

         These improvements, no matter how obvious, pale in comparison to what LES is truly lacking. As we have stated before faith is first, and if we, as members of the Church, really believe that one of the purposes of the football program is to be a missionary tool and to spark interest in our faith with others, then LES absolutely needs to offer a spiritual experience to both visiting fans and new recruits not of our faith. We feel the best way of to do this is by having a visitors center in the stadium dedicated to the history of our Church. 

       Visiting fans come from all corners of the country to watch their team play BYU, and as we sit in the stands with them we are often asked questions regarding our faith. This visitors center would be a great place to refer people for any explanations they desire and to discuss answers to their questions in a spiritually controlled environment. As it is also our history, having legacy hall in the stadium, with all of BYU’s sports accomplishments, including our National championship trophy on display, will provide excitement and intrigue to all who come.

         In conclusion, everything we have proposed is meant to give everyone a better game day experience while offering a more spiritual and in depth look at BYU and who we are as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.



From: The Loyal, Strong and True!



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