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Jan 11, 2019
Good try. You were almost right about BYU not finishing the season ranked in the

past decade, 2008 and 2009 they were according to AP poll taken from And let me see how far we have to go back to when they beat a ranked team...oh hey, they beat one this season, a team called Wisconsin. Anyways, lets leave the myths and rumors behind us and talk about the actual talking point of the thread. BYU not being P5 or having access to PAC-12 stickers is indeed a reason why we won't get as many recruits, but a major reason is because of the honor code which stems from the religion. I've talked with countless students that say they would never go to a school where they could not have sex with their BF/GF, let alone not grow a beard. If you continue to deny this, unlike the majority of your fellow Ute fans (those who have taken the red goggles/anti-all-things-BYU goggles off) then I can't help you. 

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