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Jan 21, 2019
Doctor Rosenrosen All-American
Speaking of "deals" made with your spouse
My wife hates hard or classic rock. Just hates it. On our second date (before knowing this about her), I took her to a laser Zeppelin show. She was not impressed. Somehow, she still married me anyway.

Ultimately, I made a "deal" with her that I wouldn't listen to hard or classic rock on the radio while she was in the car unless it was a Led Zeppelin song, in which case I could listen.

Some time after making this deal, while working as an associate at a law firm, I brought up this "deal" with a junior partner I was working with (can't remember how we got onto this subject - but I liked him and we had a good rapport).

He responded by asking, "can your wife tell the difference between a Led Zeppelin song and any other song played on a classic rock station?"

I replied, "probably not. In fact, almost certainly not."

To which he replied, "seems like you have an easy solution. Just tune into your favorite classic rock station and tell her that it's a special station that only plays Led Zeppelin 24/7."

Right then, I realized why he was a partner and I was a lowly associate.




"Those are my everyday balloons."
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