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Feb 10, 2019
Acorn All-American
10 Musings of the day. Looks like church is going to be cancelled. Ice Storm.
1. Saw the Green Book on Friday night. I thought it was very well done. Vigo Mortensen did a great job. Perfect casting.

2. Once your kids are out of the house and your mortgage is paid off, it is really amazing how little money you need to live. It is fun to look for new and aggressive investment ideas though. Passive income is much more enjoyable versus working for it...although I like my job a lot right now.

3. Speaking of my mortgage, for those that saw the post, my balance stands at $0.01, with $0.03 deposited as other. I am still waiting for my $25 invoice for a payoff statement, but every time I check my monthly statement, it says $0.00 due. I wonder how many monthly statements they will pay to send before they fix it. Love it when it is someone else's problem.

4. The desperate hope for church to be cancelled is a lot weaker for two hour church versus three hour church. Confirmation that the change was inspired. Hopefully someday in my lifetime, the cultural change to more casual dress will be experienced. I already know that would be an inspired movement.

5. It is really a shame that the anti vaxxers are so self centered and endanger other people. IMO, that is what is wrong with our country right now. Everyone is about "me, me, me" and no one wants to sacrifice for the greater good. Someone making $80K a year doesn't pay taxes, but wants somebody rich to pay more. Seniors don't want to trim their cola's. Working people don't want to extend their retirement date or raise their tax to fix social security. My guess is all of us are guilty in some way. Wish it was different.

6. I am worried that there will be no worthy political candidate that deserves my presidential vote next election. Kinda sad.

7. I couldn't watch the basketball game last night. I get too bored or too restless. Something.

8. I did watch a little bit of the new football league last night. I was surprised how many people were in the stadium.

9. My honeybees flew the other day when it hit around 60 degrees. Only one colony that has survived this winter. Hopefully this last one will pull through. Won't really know until late April for sure. Looking forward to swarm season. Expanding to six colonies.

10. I have hardly met a burger I don't like. I like In n out, Five Guys, Smashburger, Red Robin, pretty much everywhere. Sheesh - I even enjoy a quarter pounder from MCD. I do recall having a bad one at Arctic Circle and A&W - didn't ever go back, so I don't know if they are any better now.



"We will fight, day or night. Rain or snow. There is no mention of fair weather." By a CB Poster but I can't remember who...

The Mighty Acorns was my high school mascot?!

Let's get to a 16 team football playoff. Bigger than March Madness.

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