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Feb 10, 2019
monkeycowboy Tenured Brofessor
The force was mystical once upon a time. George Lucas retconned that idea with the prequels. I laugh at the idiots who
freak out that rey is a mary sue.

Luke had what 3 weeks of training (more if you read the books) to become a jedi knight who beat a sith Lord in Darth Vader on the death star. Luke was the ultimate mary sue of the original trilogy. The force being mystical is a callback to the star wars of fans youth.

I think star wars fans are a fickle bunch and cant be pleased. Lots hated TFA for being a retread of A new Hope. Then more hated TLJ because Rian Johnson took risks with characters etc. Yes there are things i would change with TLJ but its not nearly as terrible as folks make it out to be.
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