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Feb 11, 2019
Orem58thBall Contributor
Wrong. Masters in environmental engineering.
I've collected environmental data for years. Suspect all data. Suspect all models.
Of course climate changes. It always has. We can't predict the weather accurately next week. It's the height of arrogance that "science" has reached consensus on the weather 100 years from now. There is no hard data supporting the theory that man is the main cause of warming or that anything we do will change what the weather will be in the future. It's all theory and bogus models supported by doctored bias data. Political/economic motivations are at the heart of it.
Science hasn't reached consensus. Not true impartial science.
Most of the great advances in human history were achieved by radicals, heretics, skeptics - deniers. Not sheep who were afraid to step out of line.
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