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Feb 11, 2019
SolidBlue Starter
I have no idea. Just thought that there might be alternative reason for the
acidity of the ocean water than human activity. I’m curious what studies have been made in this area and how is such a thing monitored?

How do climate scientists know if they are including the right data if they don’t have that info? We know they don’t have that info because new underwater volcanic activity is discovered regularly. If there is more activity what would be a evidence of it? Wouldn’t enough activity potentially account for warmer temperatures in the ocean and a more acidic pH?

I don’t know the answer to climate change but I don’t feel or see the difference between the weather I experienced as a child and what’s happening now.

I definitely think there are other good reasons to change the way we travel and how we approach the use of fossil fuels but climate change isn’t on the list. It has more to do with clean air and efficiency for me.



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