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Feb 11, 2019
buckeyecougarguy All-American
just last week a guy from my mission died in snowmobile avelanche. On the same
weekend where someone else did in a completely different area. Its been in the news here and there. It really bothered me hearing about the guy from my mission. He was so alive and pumping out all these videos of him on his snow machines and before you knew it. BOOM. Go fund me for his funeral. Made me sick. I grew up around people that did it alot and yeah every single person that I know that does it alot has had a near death experience. People that have rolled them, people that have gotten stuck, people that have crashed into water and a few people that have died and left families behind. Guy i went to middle school and played football with lost his dad one weekend snowmobiling. I realize its an addicting sport to these people and they feel really strongly about it. But I'd rather be on a waverunner for some reason. The snow and the ground just seem so unforgiving. And to be honest i feel somewhat similarly about ATVs and four wheelers. The guys that really get into it and do it all the time start to get a little careless and reckless after a while and seems like I've known a lot of people that have had issues there too. I almost died river kayaking. I didn't enjoy it enough to risk dying again so I stopped doing it. I like certain activities that give me a rush. I realize i can die snow skiing...thats probably the riskiest thing I do...but I take it pretty easy and I dont go where there is high risk of avalanches. I just think people with young kids need to take those kids into account when they partake in certain activities. Some things are just not worth the risk.
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