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Feb 12, 2019
buckeyecougarguy All-American
Maybe so, I’m sure it adds insult to injury and accidents happen no matter what
Activity and this guy didn’t deserve what happened to him. My condolences go out to people that knew him. And maybe the news of a guys death like this is enough to make at least one person think twice about snowmobiling where there is avalanche danger. Maybe it goes without saying what I said. And I wouldn’t say something like that directly to his family or his friends and obviously there are some of those people on here... so maybe you are right. If I died on my river kayak that one day would I want people criticizing my choice in comment sections? I suppose I would want people to focus on the good I did in my life or the tragic nature of it. I would want people to defend me and maybe say something like you’re doing here to avoid some sort of hurtful comments.

But this isn’t the first go fund me for a snowmobiling avalanche death I’ve seen this month. The more I see the more unnecessary it seems. I feel like saying come on... didn’t you see the news of the other guys with young kids?! I probably wouldn’t have said what I said if I hadn’t just went through the grieving process with a friend of mine in the exact same situation. That’s where I’m coming from.

I feel like it needs to be said. All I want to say is be careful when you have kids. And very specifically when it comes to where you snowmobile. Go with people who are careful and know what they are doing and know when to turn around. Might as well say it in an anonymous setting in a non obituary situation. Lastly I feel like people should donate to this family because of the stressful situation they are in.
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