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Feb 19, 2019
Born2Fish All-American
I just accepted a new job in the Tallahassee area and we will be relocating
there in the near future. Thanks for all the positive words and support. I was fortunate that there are quite a few jobs in the Pulp & Paper industry available right now. Weird situation, but I saw this job listed on the corporate job site and they contacted me before I had even applied. I spoke with the operations manager and the mill manager for 20 minutes and they asked me to visit. I applied for the job the next day and the day after I had an offer. When I showed up, it was more of a sales pitch than a job interview.

It amazed me how much support was available from the corporate talent selection/recruiting team as well as the other members of the salary team at my current facility. Most of these people have had several jobs with several different companies in the industry and were able to use these contacts to help people with their job searches. I was actually offered a job with a different company at a facility my boss had worked at, but I turned that one down. Our company and city put together a job fair which 30+ employers showed up interested in hiring people affected by this layoff. This whole situation really impressed on me the importance of networking. I considered my employment history and the vast majority of the jobs I have had were a result of a tip from someone else or knowing someone who work at the place.

Hopefully this will be a good move for the family. My kids have struggled a bit here in LA, but hopefully they are a bit tougher for it.
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