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Feb 21, 2019
RoyalCoug99 Playmaker
Incredible, this team and coaches were amazing last week, couldn't do any wrong.
This is why I hate CB. When they're winning, it's the best team in the nation, can do no wrong. One loss and all of a sudden everything is in the toilet, fire everyone, everyone sucks, rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric.
Yes, this team played terrible down the stretch. Emery had some of the worst decisions I've seen by a college basketball player, especially one as experienced as Nick.
But if BYU beats Gonzaga on Saturday all of a sudden everything changes. Now it's, wow, these coaches are so amazing, our players are so clutch, rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric.
So which is it CB? Is this a team of 9th grade girls being coached by a donkey? Or is it the 92 Dream team, complete with Chuck Daly and Mike Kryzyewski?
No you idiots, it's somewhere in between. You don't win as many games as Rose has by bumbling into the job. He's not a great coach, though. This team would benefit from an infusion of new blood, but you don't just fire a coach that has won more than 200 games and expect the next coach to win you a NC. Look to football and temper your freaking expectations.
Let it rip, every thumbs down proves my point.
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