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Feb 22, 2019
BYUHawk All-American
Random thought about the Marriott Center atmosphere and one point in particular.
People actually filled in decently. I think weather/traffic had something to do with it at the tip off. But that's besides my point.

A little more than halfway through the second half and BYU is up big. The crowd was getting super loud. Might have even been when we were up by 14. Just about everyone on was on their feet, which isn't easy to do in the Marriott Center. As USF had the ball it became the loudest it had been all night.

USF smartly calls a timeout (or it was a natural time out, can't recall). Everyone sits down. Then Marriott Center peeps comes out and do their normal under 8 minute time out thing, which is super lame. If you don't or can't attend games, the student section is divided in half and takes turns trying to finish the lyrics to some song that is played. Then Cosmo chooses a winner. For this one, they weren't upbeat songs. The student section clearly did not know these songs.

Anyway, it was the exact opposite of what needed to be done to keep the energy up in the building. All that energy that was in the building before the timeout was gone or at least muted. As play resumed everyone stayed sitting and weren't very loud.

I know it's a small thing, and the team did lots of stupid stuff/turnovers. But looking back I really wish the Marriott Center people had called an audible or done more to keep the energy up during and after the time out.

They really do have some cool half time stuff and other things, but can work on some other stuff (ahem, showing the same BYU Store Commercial every game).
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