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Mar 16, 2019
CMuehle All-American
Compare last year with this:
Last year ORat: 108.8
This year ORat: 106.2

LY EFG: 55.7
TY EFG: 53.8

LY TS%: 57.6
TY TS%: 56.9

LY OR%: 7.7
TY OR%: 7.2

LY DR %: 23.5
TY DR%: 25.3

LY AR: 14.6
TY AR: 14.2

LY TOR: 13.8
TY TOR: 14.7

LY BLK%: 6.2
TY BLK%: 3.3

LY Stl%: 1.5
TY Stl%: 1.6

LY FT%: 64.3
TY FT %: 70.8

LY 3pt%: 31.2
TY 3pt%: 32.3

So, yea, his 3pt % is marginally better, but IMO, it's a lot easier to make a case that YC was better last year than he is this year. And, these stats don't take into account my observational belief that he's worse at defense this year than last.

I'm sticking with my opinion that YC has made only marginal improvement at BYU. He has more talent than he's showing and he's still a long way from his ceiling, a ceiling that he will----unfortunately----never get near as a player for BYU.
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