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Apr 15, 2019
Lip Gallagher All-American
You're right that Katoa didn't show a ton.
But Ula didn't either. And he definitely didn't show more than anyone since Jamaal, when someone that very year showed much more. When Squally got healthy toward the end of the year and got past some of his personal stuff, nobody looked close to him. His vision and patience and burst and power wasn't matched by anyone else that year. Or last year.

The sample size is so so tiny with Ula, I just don't know how anyone is justifying the drooling over him. I still firmly believe it's mostly nostalgia from the breath of fresh air that he appeared to be in the Utah game. If it were another opponent, nobody would be talking about it. And we still lost that game. Combination of health, fitness, ball security, among other things makes him a big question mark. Not to mention Grimes and Steward didn't recruit him. This was all Kalani.

There's a reason Steward is relentlessly looking for more and more and more. He didn't recruit Katoa. Grimes didn't recruit Katoa. He didn't recruit Ula (who still isn't at BYU). Neither of them are good enough options. We've had decades of really good RBs (despite what some fans think), and it's time to find another.



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