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May 12, 2019
snowbird All-American
Obligatory Nuggets’ fan round 2 exit post, and why the Jazz hate us
1- Denver was a good team and fun to watch. They far exceeded any preseason expectations. I don’t think I ever posted about how I good I thought they were, as I really did think they’d get knocked out early.

2 - Nationally, by nearly all measures they are an easy team to cheer for: selfless basketball, a very young team (4th youngest in NBA history), mid-market franchise that hasn’t won a ring, and unlike some Denver teams in the past (Melo, Iverson, Bird Man) and many good teams today, they don’t have any toxic personalities. For many of the same reasons, I think the Blazers are easy to cheer for too.

3 - The nuggets suffer from being the 4th most popular team in a pro sports city. It’s still amazes me that a that a transplant hockey team from the 90s almost instantly eclipses them in popularity. It’s amazing what a title can do for any team (thanks Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy)

4 - I love seeing Denver bandwagon fans get on board. We need fans. I make jokes about a little known secret among Denver native that we have a pro basketball team. Growing up, going to the Pepsi Center was a chance to see big name players form *other* teams. Mutombo was traded before we even broke ground on the Pepsi Center— he never played a game there in a nuggets jersey.

5 - For Coloradans, last week was great. We’ve never had the Avs and Nuggets advance to round 2 in the same season. And after the Broncos last season, we needed it. The Pepsi Center was lit up every night, and every night was a meaningful game— my wife was also thrilled for all the tv and late games with the kids, naturally.

6- I don’t get the Jazz vitriol for the nuggets, but I have a few theories.
A) the Nuggets don’t have enough fans to justify any success (this is a dumb theory unless you the lakers and Ohio State should always win.
B) the Nuggets don’t deserve to win because have “suffered” the same way the Jazz have, especially in the 90s.
C) Other Denver Pro sports teams (like the Broncos) are shoved on Utah fans in leiu of home town teams which feels cheap.
D) Nuggets share a conference and tanked a game for a better matchup (which worked) and that hurt the Jazz. The blazers attempted that as well, but without the backlash. Also the Nuggets looked very vulnerable against the Jazz.

7 - The Jazz are typically an easy team to cheer for. Great legacy of competitive basketball, good following, small market, Stockton/Malone 90s underdog culture, Mitchell is a baller and a good dude off the court. But... I do think a fair portion of the fan base is the same trash that hates BYU and the church, and their game time behavior is repugnant and many national publications have taken notice. I don’t know how you guys share a team with them. Either way, if the Jazz were still in the playoffs, I’d cheer for them over any coastal team.

8 - if you made it this far, Go Cougs
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