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May 15, 2019
JohnnyComeLately Warden of the North
You may have forgotten but I was on your side with that analysis.
I’m simply saying to have had 3 big controversial endings in these playoffs already will be what most NHL fans will remember if the Sharks end up winning.

I also was shocked at the Sharks comeback when they scored four goals on one major power play. Was incredible to comeback. But the NHL apologizing was unprecedented.

And then to see what happened in Game 7 with the Avs goal called back on a play I defended (based on rules that Bob McKenzie pointed out on his tweets) and now this. All I’m saying is trying to make it seem like missed calls in the middle of the second period or whatever being the same thing as blown calls that decided a game? That’s a hard sell.

And the fact all this controversy this post season is centered around one team being the beneficiary? That’s never happened before asfar as I can remember.
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