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May 15, 2019
UberDeek All-American
What does it take to get DCFS to come to your house? I hereby profess my
innocence and can provide rock solid alibis.

On Sunday our 2 year old fell down the stairs and fractured his radius. I didn't witness this occur as I was in the shower at the time. Cast on his arm.

Today, we were at a family barbecue to celebrate some people's recent college graduation, (not mine), and the same two year old broke his leg in a trampoline related incident involving the cast on his arm... or something... I don't know. I was inside the house with a group of people when this incident took place, the only credible witness is our 9 year old boy... so story is in doubt.

I'm starting a pool for when DCFS is going to show up asking a bunch of questions. Which day do you pick?
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