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May 23, 2019
scorpiondynamo Walk-on
TJ’s offensive stats are misleading.
He scores a lot when playing bad teams, which is most of our games. He rarely does well against the better teams in the WCC or elsewhere. His shot selection is very poor. His defense is porous and often non-existent - he gets blown by constantly. If he wasn’t a good shooter and decent passer, he would have few other redeemable qualities. Elite teams play fundamentally sound offense and tenacious defense. He does neither. Tyler was a much better player than TJ. TJ starting has more to do with his last name than how good he is. We were down by 50 to San Diego for goodness sake. Isn’t that a good indicator of how good the main horses on our team really are? Our standards for who is “good” really need to take a big step up in my opinion.
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