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May 23, 2019
Doctor Rosenrosen All-American
Reoccuring nightmares
Which of these do you have?

1. You keep skipping a class and the semester is almost over. You hoped you dropped the class before it was too late but, sadly, you're pretty sure that you didn't.

2. You have to go back on a second mission as a young to mid-single adult, possibly as a punishment for not getting married (often, in this dream, I have to go tracting by myself on a street that was just recently tracted where no one was interested).

3. You somehow find yourself naked out in public. At some point, it dawns on you that this is socially unacceptable and you gradually feel increasingly self-conscious and uncomfortable (eventually desperately hoping that you can find some clothes).

4. A wild, ferocious animal is within easy striking distance (for me, typically a grizzly bear) and you have nothing with which to defend yourself.

5. A destructive storm (for me, typically a tornado) is heading right toward you and you're powerless to get out of its way.

6. You need to catch a flight (or make it to an appointment, etc.) but it's taking forever to get your crap together. Eventually, you realize that you're never going to make it.

7. You're working two full-time jobs but you haven't been to one of them for a really long time (this is often a job you had in real life with a former employer). One day, you decide to go to that job and, amazingly, they haven't fired you. In addition, no work has piled up (not really a nightmare, just a weird, unsettling dream).

8. You decide to move to another part of the country (for me, this is typically a big, East Coast city like NYC or DC) and end up renting this really crappy house or apartment (sometimes, without your family). At some point in the dream, you ask yourself, "why did I do this?" and there's no good answer.

9. You're on the verge of doing something really exciting that you've been looking forward to for a long time but things keep getting delayed and it never ultimately happens before you wake up (usually, for me, this is either making it with a hot chick or going on a vacation, often a camping or backpacking trip). This is also not really a nightmare. To the contrary, it's usually a pretty awesome dream. It just has a super disappointing ending.

10. BYU football continually loses to Utah in a variety of different ways (oh wait, that one actually happened).




"Those are my everyday balloons."
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