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May 23, 2019
scorpiondynamo Walk-on
Few says nice things about BYU because he's a class act

and how would it benefit him to disparage his own league.  He benefits by boosting the perceived value of his competition, so of course he will say nice things about BYU (and St Mary's...and San Francisco) - knowing that he can whip us whenever it matters.  Just do yourselves a favor on TJ.  Watch his defensive stance (is it even worse than Jimmer's?).  Watch how many times he gets blown by each and every night.  Watch how weak he is physically and unable to defend stronger players.  Watch his help defense, which consists of an occasional swipe at the ball instead of a willingness to man up, wall up, or take a charge.  Yes, once in a while he makes a good play.  But he is fundamentally unsound on defense.  Often, he doesn't even care when the other team scores he just wants to hurry and take the ball out.  We are not a good team.  That starts with TJ.  I like him, personally, and I think he has some talent, especially on the offensive end.  And I don't think it's all his fault as Rose has clearly not taught ANYONE how to play good defense.  But to say TJ is even a good player is ridiculous.  Good players and good teams play defense.  TJ needs to hit the weight room and take some pride in his defense, or Pope should play someone else.  TJ gift wraps at least 6-10 points per game for our opponent just by a lack of defensive effort.  It's unwatchable.  I'd bet Pope doesn't tolerate it this next season.  TJ's going to either change or be in the doghouse.

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