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May 24, 2019
Dan All-American
So I finally saw Avengers End Game (spoilers)
I thought it was good to pretty good. Not outstanding. Some big plot holes though ... like Captain America living his life back with Peggy Carter, or even Captain America saying "hail hydra" in the elevator, etc. Those things would have had significant ripple effects that would have created alternate sequences over time from then. They were supposed to make no impact when getting the stones and then returning them so as to not affect the timeline.

My favorite character is Thor, so I was not thrilled with how they handled him, though in a way it was sort of ok. I do not care for him being teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy now. It work in Infinity War, but moving forward seems sort of out of place. I was most disappointed with the Hulk. Hulk needed some smashing redemption after being used as a floor mop by Thanos in Infinity War and then cowering all through Infinity War. They did not have to resolve it by Hulk defeating Thanos in a fist fight, but they needed to let him have some screen time (heaven knows they had enough total film screen time) busting back out as the barely in control Hulk of all prior movies. They could have worked something with the time travelling where Hulk reverted back to Hulk smash and then after Iron Man snapped his finger with the infinity stones revert back to the binary Banner/Hulk wimpy character that they obviously wanted to end with for a resolution of contentment for Banner.

Also, Bucky was the obvious one to pick up the Captain America role at the end, which he did for a time in the comic books I believe. So the other selection made no real sense. By the way, what happened to Mjolnir at the end, Captain America apparently did not bring it back? Perhaps he returned it to the past for the past Thor (as in returned it to the moment it was taken by fat Thor) to keep using so that the past Thor's timeline stayed the same?
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