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Jun 11, 2019
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Years ago, shortly before Thanksgiving, my wife and I were both laid off from
our jobs. We'd had significant financial difficulties throughout that year, and we were able to secure a mortgage modification. In order for the modification to go through we had to make 3 payments on time via cashier's check. December was the 3rd payment. After being laid off and looking at the money we had available we realized that we could make our mortgage payment, by $3.

We paid it. We got to keep our home. My wife was able to get a good job in line with her degree, and I got a service job, both about three weeks after this all happened. We got a food order from the church, and we were able to get some help from a state program that helps with utility payments.

About 4 days before Christmas there was a knock on our door. There on the porch was an envelope. Inside was $250 cash, and a note that said "we understand you are planning on cancelling your Christmas trip to see family, please don't."

I collapsed and wept with gratitude. We'd been so blessed. I have no idea how we got through that time, and had it not been for good people, we might not have made it.

Now, when it comes time to pay offerings, I can't help but think there's someone in the ward that might be going through what we went through. We try to be generous.
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