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Jun 11, 2019
lilpenny All-American
I’m happy to provide conjecture.
I suspect it is at least somewhat a result of recruiting battles.

Recruiting is a dirty dirty business, because in essence you have to trash your competition to win. I know Kyle has very hard feelings towards current and former coaches in the PAC 12 because they play the “Utah is a state full of Mormon weirdos” card in order to sway recruits away from Utah.

Over his career, BYU has consistently been Utah’s greatest thorn in the side in recruiting. The stories are legendary. Utah commits wearing BYU clothing to the BYU/Utah game, Siliaga commiting to Bronco during a spirit filled testimony meeting only to switch to Utah the next day, Bronco allegedly making the comment that “we will never lose another kid to Utah.” All the tricks by coaches to say “well, we didn’t really lose this kid to our rivals, he never had an offer,” in order to save face. Harvey Langi switching schools on his mission.

I suspect that when Kyle joined the pac, he assumed the recruiting battles were over because of Utah’s conference situation and then he thought, “I can’t believe I still have to deal with this garbage, when will these guys go away?”
I’m sure Kyle feels a sense of entitlement to the pool of common recruits because of head to head success and conference affiliation; and I suspect he’s upset that BYU is still such a formidable opponent for common kids.
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