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Jun 11, 2019
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So I get that...
based on how hyped Utah is by their fans and local media, apparently the prevailing attitude is this will be the best Utah team ever and I can understand why Ute fans would want to go with the known quantity. And that is especially the case considering that the qb is almost an afterthought there most of the time and it is all about the defense, Oline, and RB and they do not look to the QB to win games for them, they just hope he doesn’t screw it up.

But I also think it is a bit of a cowardly approach and one that isn’t gonna pay off if the choice actually existed. At some point they’ll need the QB to win a game for them, it happens every year and every year the qb fails to do it, the Washington game last year is a great example, a game I attended. Huntley was not good enough to get it done.

I’d take the risk of Zach Wilson with the higher upside over the known undynamic Huntley. By the end of the season, and probably earlier than that, it would pay off with a more dynamic playmaker at QB.
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