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Jun 11, 2019
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You apparently haven’t read all of my posts...
Huntley is ok, he isn’t terrible, but he is physically limited with his size and mediocre arm and lack of touch on his throws.

Wilson has a lot more upside, runs every bit as well, is taller, bigger, stronger arm, and far better touch on his throws.

Certainly with Wilson right now it is potential and not accomplishment but his potential is vastly higher. He has the ability to do things Huntley does not have the ability to do.

So as I said in Utah’s situation with all the hype I might elect to go with the guy who I think will just manage the games and not the guy who can win you a game. Utah thinks their defense is going to win them games and Huntley is really an afterthought.

Huntley has zero potential to play beyond college, he’s not got the physical tools to do it. He comes from football central in florida, the player of the year if I remember correctly, and was unwanted there and wound up playing for a middle tier pac12 team because they’re the only ones who would take him.

And he’s done a good job, I haven’t said otherwise, he’s just unspectacular and limited. But as long as you’re happy with him then that’s all that matters right?
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