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Jun 12, 2019
Mayor of Cougartown All-American
Been a home/yard owner for 10 years. I'm over keeping up my lawn. It was "fun"
the first couple years, maybe 5. Like, man I'm such a grown up with a house and a yard and stuff.

Last couple years I've been annoyed every time I have to mow the lawn or pull weeds and stuff. I've started paying a neighbor kid to mow it and I've got a 10 year old boy that should be able to take over the reigns of mowing here soon.

Last night I had to turn on the sprinklers for the first time and one of the heads didn't pop up so I gotta deal with that... and I just don't care anymore, it's no longer fun. I'd rather go swimming or trail run or mtn bike etc. Anything but digging up the line and figuring out the issue.

I used to make fun of those rock lawns like they have in deserts like phoenix but it seems awesome now.
Mayor of Cougartown
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