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Jun 14, 2019
CoachSpeak All-American
I was at LES today...
I’ve got some stuff contracted for the remodel they’re doing and this was the first time I’ve gone over there because it is getting close to my stuff being ready to be done. So an update.

They have installed all of the supports, built the platforms, and poured the concrete for the expanded areas all around the stadium. As the plans showed the mezzanine are twice as wide as they used to be and the corners are filled in. They’ve also redone the ramp on the east side, it is longer and more gradual than it used to be. The mezzanine area’s on the corners are pretty large, there is a lot more room to move around, these are good improvements.

The public still can’t go in as there aren’t any permanent guardrails up in much of it and there are gaps between the new mezzanine and the old ones that you could fall through, they are maybe a foot wide and just need the expansion joints installed into them.

New bathrooms are at the corners, that will definitely be welcomed.

For those thinking a new stadium might be part of the plan, even long term plan, I’ll shoot that down right now, that is not happening anytime in the foreseeable future, it isn’t even being considered. This expansion alone is over $16,000,000.00 and they aren’t spending that kind of money just to turn around and build a new stadium. Got that from someone notable who I will not say their name here but for those hoping for that go ahead and put it out of your minds because it isn’t happening.

There are more improvements being planned, or at least discussed, so the stadium is always a priority.

Right now they are in a mad rush to get it into good enough condition for the Stadium of Fire, some of my part had to be done before that, it’s gonna be tight as they still aren’t quite ready for me yet. We’ll see.

In conclusion the improvements are great and will definitely enhance the stadium and experience for fans at the stadium. It will help alleviate the feeling of being so crowded and it will make it so the you can circle the stadium from the upper level and not have to go all the way down to ground level, walk over a section and then walk back up another ramp. It will be much nicer, much faster, and much easier.
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