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Jul 8, 2019
Texas Hammer Amazon’s favorite customer
Rescinding an accepted job offer...
So, I posted a couple weeks ago asking for people’s opinion on taking a job in lower Manhattan. I did in fact get an offer.

I was expecting to interview and get an offer from a company in Houston as well, but I had to delay interviewing with them and then the hiring manager was out of the office. She’s finally back, and I got an offer today.

I received the NY offer two weeks before I was able to interview with the Houston company, and not knowing how the Houston offer would pan out, I accepted the offer from NY.

Although the NY offer was good and for a great company, it was lower than I’d hoped considering the cost of living increase moving from Houston to NY. The offer I got today from Houston was much better than expected, and is just a couple thousand less than the offer in NY, plus it has a much higher bonus target. Add to it that I’d prefer Houston over NY.

So, now I’m faced with potentially going back to the NY gig to rescind my acceptance. Those of you have done this, what was your approach?

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Texas Hammer Amazon’s favorite customer
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