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Jul 10, 2019
Coug All-American
Been having some issues with my 2017 Chevrolet Colorado lately...
Anywhere between speeds of 35 mph and 80 mph, I feel this sputtering feeling between shifts, and then I get this vibration through the car that feels like, and sounds like, I'm driving over those groves on the side of the highway. And then a couple of times the last few weeks, it's been shifting hard from 1st to 2nd, and the truck kind of luges.

So I was told at my last service appointment that my tires were getting low on tread and I probably should get new tires soon. So I figured that the vibrations and sputtering were due to my tires.

So I got new tires last week... the truck does ride smoother, however the sputtering and vibrations seem to have been magnified when they happen now. And at times it feels like I'm towing something. In fact last night driving home, when I started to feel the vibration, I looked in my rear view mirror and the bed of my truck was just shaking... I originally thought my wheels locked up in the back and I was dragging the back of my truck.

So I just took my truck into the dealership to get it looked at. The service tech guy said that there have been a lot of reports on these 8 speed transmissions lately, and then he says to me, "I probably shouldn't tell you this but Chevrolet has a class action lawsuit against it over these 8 speed transmission failing." It has something to do with the torque converter.

I looked up what he said and sure enough, what is being explained in this is the same issue and feeling I've been experiencing as well. The service guy said that he wouldn't buy a Silverado right now due to all the transmission issues. Anyone else experiencing this problem?



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