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Jul 17, 2019
boscatar Walk-on
Hope for improvement of the Bowl situation?

The AAC recently released its 2020-2025 bowl lineup, which includes a situation that involves an alternating-years rotation with the Armed Forces and Hawaii bowls and a pool of 8 bowl games, all owned by ESPN Events, to which the AAC will send 4 teams each year.

Similarly, the ACC announced that it will send one team to one of three bowl games owned by ESPN Events - each of which overlap with the AAC.

The SEC announced that it has an annual contract with the Birmingham and Gasparilla bowls, as long as they have sufficient bowl-eligible teams.

It was also announced that the Big 12 will be involved in a rotation which includes the First Responders and Armed Forces bowls (both in the DFW area).

The bowls include:

  • Birmingham (Alabama): SEC v. AAC/ACC eligible
  • Gasparilla (Tampa, FL): SEC v. AAC/ACC eligible
  • First Responder (Dallas, TX): B12/AAC/ACC eligible
  • Boca Raton (Florida): AAC eligible
  • Frisco (Texas): AAC eligible
  • Cure (Orlando, FL): AAC eligible
  • Myrtle Beach (South Carolina): AAC eligble
  • New Mexico (Albuquerque): AAC eligible
  • Armed Forces (Ft. Worth, TX): B12 and AAC every other
  • Hawaii (Honolulu): AAC every other 

Based on the AAC and ACC eligibility for a pool of bowl games, and the Big 12's rotation with the DFW area bowls, all of which are owned and operated by ESPN Events, I believe that BYU will also be involved somehow in the pool of ESPN Events bowls. I also believe that the MWC and Army will be significantly involved in the ESPN Events bowl pool as well. That way, ESPN will have post-season options and control of the AAC and MWC, BYU, and all three military academies - to make the best bowl matchups. So, BYU would have reasonable access to a decent bowl lineup:

  • Armed Forces - v. B12 or AAC or Army?
  • First Responder: v. B12, ACC, or AAC
  • Gasparilla: v. SEC, ACC or AAC (most likely if SEC doesn't have enough bowl eligible teams) 
  • Hawaii: v. MWC or AAC or Army?
  • Famous Idaho: v. MWC  
  • Frisco: v. AAC or MWC? or Army?
  • New Mexico: v. MWC? or AAC
  • Cure: v. AAC or Army?
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