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Jul 17, 2019
zerigke Starter
Is the phrase "Once an addict, always an addict" True or False?
In AA and other related addiction recovery groups that is what they teach. An individual will never not be an addict, regardless of years of sobriety/recovery, which means, if they place themselves in a situation where they are poised to act out, the compulsion will take over leading to relapse. What do you all think. Is this accurate or not? Can a person that was once a full fledged addict (meaning they were compelled to use, it ruled their thoughts, they had uncontrollable cravings, they used despite it placing them at risk of legal/marital/employment etc. consequences, they used in spite of swearing that they never would again, tried 1000 different things that failed, etc. etc., whether the addiction is drugs, alcohol, porn, or any other vice), can that addict ever NOT be an addict again?

Also, can the Atonement heal that individual to the point where that thing they were once addicted to is not longer tempting or desirous at all? For example, if an individual that has never smoked, has no desire, etc, is offered a cigarette, they would decline without a second thought. Can an addict ever get to that point with their vice or will it be a life long battle, and a matter of staying away from triggers, recognizing triggers, calling a sponsor, etc. for the rest of their life?
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