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Jul 17, 2019
scootsy First name: Tom; Last: Foolery
If you like video breakdowns, Ted Nguyen is a master and one of the main reasons I subscribe (well, that and they've

been expanding the local Utah market). I'm not trying to Hail Corporate! but I really think it's awesome. Here's a snippet from an article about the strengths and weaknesses evident in Josh Allen's rookie year:


Allen’s mechanical issues were evident in college. He separates his hands from the ball and opens his shoulders too quickly, which doesn’t allow him to efficiently transfer power from his hips, causing him to throw with mostly his upper body and “slash.” Though he looks improved since college, the issue does rear its ugly head too often.


In the clip, Allen not only missed a wide open receiver, he threw the ball 2-3 yards behind him. On the end zone camera angle you can see Allen separating his hands from the ball as he is stepping into it. Ideally, Allen should be stepping first to allow his hips to open before opening his shoulders. This tension in the lower body and upper body is what produces power from the legs and leads to a smoother throwing motion.

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