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Jul 17, 2019
BYUFBDAD All-American
reminds me of when the Yellow Pages salespeople would call me to make an
appointment to discuss my $2500 a month display ad for my business. I used to have to hold my nose and deal with those punks, there was no other way to advertise effectively. Then, slowly this internet thing seemed to take hold, and what a joy it was to have them come to my office with their haughty attitude and have the thrill of looking them in the eye and asking if their resumes were up to date, because they're going down.

I recall the time 3 of them showed up to pitch me a renewal, they all had iPads and showed me all sorts of "data" that the YP was vastly more effective than the Google. I knew then that they knew it was over, 3 reps to try to keep a small player like me.

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