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Jul 18, 2019
AF_Puma Walk-on
Fellow man vs. Justice system are two different things

People need to learn that.  You can take responsibility for your actions and accept consequences, but by golly you're a fool if you don't understand that being honest has little to do with dealing with the U.S. Justice system.  It's probably the best in the world, but it focuses on procecutors that often aren't looking for the correct outcome, but the one that gives them a conviction and allows them to stay employed and move up the ladder.  

Case in point.  Two seniors in high school do the stupid kind of things that teenagers do.  Both brought up LDS and have been active, but they verve off the path and think it is cool to do some B&E, mainly to see if they can get into places that they shouldn't and they did "lift" a few items of under $100 from one location. 

Afterwards, one of their friends reports them and they are both sought out for questioning.  It is near the end of their senior years and they both have turned 18--no longer minors.

The one individual is afraid of what his parents will think if they know what he did and being taught to "being honest with your fellow man", spills his guts to the detective with no attorney present.  Yes, he was read his rights, but didn't understand that you need to be truthful, but that doesn't mean telling all to a detective who has entirely other motives than "to help you learn the error of your way".  He ends up being charged with several felonies and convicted.  He'll never be able to vote or own a hand gun in his life.  His record will follow him all his life and this individual has turned out to be a very good man, husband and father.

The other individual spoke to his father and counseled with him.  He got a lawyer and the lawyer told the detective that they could speak, but he'd be present to protect his client.  The investigating detectives never met with the other individual because they knew the lawyer would never allow the client to admit to anything in an interview, and rightfully so.  This second individual never had any thought of deviating from the premise that when questioned in court that they would tell the truth and nothing but the truth.  They had no plan to have lied and not be honest with his fellow man.

The prosecuting attorney had someone who would go down for the crimes and that's all they needed.  The second individual was charged only with misdemeanor trespassing and didn't significantly ruin his future life and the fine was substantially and I mean substantially lower.

Please learn the difference of dealing within our justice system and telling the truth for your sake and that of your family.

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