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Jul 19, 2019
Eddie All-American
Honestly - that's the issue is a lack of info results in imagination filling...
...the blanks.

I don't know anything about Kuzma - not a fan of Utah, so I don't follow him. All I know is people started linking articles saying that his name showed up in court documents as one of the players who received money while still a student.

So - without going to the effort to looking into it, that could mean everything from he was paid to attend Utah to what you describe.

Kind of like whatever it was that blew up at BYU a while back on the radio that ended up amounting to players getting socks, or something dumb like that.

In the rivalry - sometimes emotions play too big a role and it goes to a place that isn't healthy. All fanbases have those types of fans. And we all probably have the potential or have moments when we think or say something that we're better off not thinking/saying. We can do better - and all should at least make an effort (recognizing we'll mess up now and then.)
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