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Aug 12, 2019
Adrielle Lone Biker of the Apocalypse
The Jay Bilas interview was enlightening....Here's what I got.
1. The NCAA has no shame. They actually take the negative press as a good thing, as they percieve it as pain and that is what they want.
2. We talk about the UNC thing, but according to Bilas, UNC, while egregious was not a violation of NCAA rules. I did not know this. Just shows you how stupid the NCAA is.

3. There is nothing we can do in this instance. The NCAA will likely not doanything. They think they have done the right thing.

4. Jay essentially said that the punishment didnot fit the crime. He did everything he was supposed to do except file the paperwork. Jay also said that the NCAA may say that a player can come back, after declaring, but their actions time and time again, send the message that if you declare, you should just go, because the NCAA will get you if they can.



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