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Aug 14, 2019
LifelongAP Semi-Pro
Listened to a Hans Olsen interview with Tuiaki
Middle linebacker is still a big question. Tuiaki mentioned four guys are all still in the mix: Kavika Fonua, Jackson Kaufusi, Payton Wilgar, and Keenan Pili. Said nobody has pulled away from the group.

As far as D Line pass rush, he talked highly of Devin Kaufusi. Said he’s “in a world of his own” compared to the others right now. Starting to look like his brothers. Also mentioned Zac Dawe. Said Trajan Pili is a “serviceable guy”, which isn’t what you wanna hear about your senior starter.

Corner still has various guys shuffling in and out. Tuiaki says he’s got some great athletes, they’re just all very young. Alluded to the fact BYU dragging their feet getting a transfer DB admitted really didn’t help.
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