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Aug 14, 2019
mindzeYe All-American
Pac-10 wanted BYU with Utah ... 2 simple reasons why it didn't happen.
1. No Sunday play
2. BYU-TV replay broadcast rights to the conference games

It simply never was going to happen because of these two reasons.

It had nothing to do with being affiliated with the church (other than the no-Sunday play).

But the Pac-10 tried. Not a formal conference outreach, or as TH said, no "courtesy call." It likely occurred through subtle inquiries that TH might not have ever recognized as testing the waters. I will check into this and share when I find out.

My source was an executive with the RBOC (Rose Bowl Operating Company) and privy to the Pac-12 expansion efforts through UCLA's member on the board as well as his position with the TOR (Tournament of Roses Association), which operates the parade and the Rose Bowl Game, and is intimately involved in any negotiations pertaining to the Big Ten and Pac-12).

Said they really wanted the rivalry, but learned that BYU would not give in on the above two points. They respected the university for standing its ground, but were bummed they had to take another school.

FWIW, I was on the agency publicity team for the Rose Bowl Game and Rose Parade in the mid-90s, handled media relations for Lawry's Beef Bowl for 25 years (both Rose Bowl teams are contractually bound to attend this event and Disneyland) and wrote the book "Road to the Rose Bowl" which commemorated (at the time in 2005) a 50-year association between the TOR, both conferences and Lawry's. The event and this unique partnership is now entering its 64th year.

I suspect the main sticking point with the Big XII was likely the "no Sunday play," too, but don't know that. Just speculating there.

NOTE: I made some edits for clarity, such as changing Pac-12 to Pac-10, since that's what the conference was until they expanded. I think my mentioning the conference might be misleading, since it was emphasized that each of the schools in the conference wanted BYU. I need to clarify this, too, as to whether he is referring to ADs only, or beyond. I believe what he shared with me was what he heard, what he knew, what he experienced, because he was smack-dab in the middle of the research shared and discussions that took place at the conference. And you know what? It's nice to know, but nothing to get your panties all twisted up if you don't believe it.



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