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Aug 17, 2019
Belboz All-American
ESPN Fantasy Draft Rankings
Am I missing something obvious or has ESPN's fantasy football site removed the easily exportable list for their player rankings for fantasy football drafts that are used during drafts?
I like to have their rankings in a spreadsheet with notes and comparisons with my own rankings. It makes it easier to draft. If there's a guy they list at #55, but I have him listed at #32, it's easy to highlight that with vlookups in excel.

Unfortunately, I can't find an easily exportable list of the rankings they use during drafts this year.
According to mock drafts, their default ranking list uses "2019 Projected" but I'm unable to find that same list anywhere else on their site. I can try to copy/paste from within a draft, but the format is so messy that it's nearly unusable.

Are any of you able to see what I'm apparently too dumb to find this year?

I can't find the list from fantasypros.com either. It's annoying.
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