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Aug 17, 2019
Tony Perkis Walk-on
My Non-Blue Goggle Season Predictions (5 of them)
Some of my friends on twitter follow this account so it pops up occasionally >>>https://twitter.com/CougarboardL

I think it's awesome that they take the time to read through our posts! However, because I now know that we are being monitored, I'm going to keep my season predictions logical and conservative.

PREDICTION #1: Wilson wins the Heisman Trophy. (I graduated from BYU and got an A- in statistics so i'm overqualified to talk about this) Wilson completed 18 straight passes against Western Michigan. If he can keep that up, he'll win the Heisman.

PREDICTION #2: BYU beats Utah 100-0. Let's be honest, we've been the better team the past 8 games against Utah. Because we've been the better team, "regression to the mean" clearly indicates we'll win this game and we'll win it big.

PREDICTION #3: BYU's Mission Advantage Will Finally Be Exposed. After starting 4-0 against a tough slate of Power 5 teams, people will start to wonder why we are so good. The NCAA will launch a full investigation and discover that going on a mission gives BYU players a significant advantage over other athletes. Games will be forfeited. Suspensions will be handed out. The BYU administration won't even fight this. Sitake will probably say something like, "I can't believe we got away with it for so long."

PREDICTION #4: Sitake finally allows Ty Detmer to open up sealed portion of his playbook. Ty Detmer's first two seasons at BYU were a bit of a letdown, but turns out Sitake was only letting him use 10% of his playbook: hail mary, halfback draws, and fake punts. Now that we have the perfect quarterback, Sitake will bring Ty back.

PREDICTION #5: TJ Fredette performs during the Halftime show against Idaho State.

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