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Sep 10, 2019
MatthiasG All-American
"I had the biggest boner at the grocery store yesterday!" said my 91 y.o. Granny
around the dinner table for an extended family full meal dealio a few days back. I'll spare you the play by play on who blew a snot bubble, spewed their beverage etc etc, but my 11 y.o. nephew quickly said "Grandma you had a big what at the grocery store?" Granny, w/ zero hesitation, "A Boner, and it was a biggie, I was so embarrassed."

Nephew, despite the stink eye from his old man, repeated th question 3 more times. "A boner I said, an embarrassing boner." Or some variation on that, until the Cambodian(my little bruva) insisted on speaking w/ nephew in the other room. I took that opportunity to leave as well, went upstairs, and laughed until I thought I'd die. For you non-OG CB'ers, President Reagan used boner answering a question or in a speech at the mike in the 80's, referring to mistake. That generation used it pretty regularly in place of "big mistake."

Granny was using her Library card or something in the debit card machine, then got snippy w/ the cashier when she suggested it wasn't a bankcard of any type, and maybe you grabbed the wrong one. Insisting repeatedly "I know what my own card looks like." Hence the big embarrassing mistake she was referring to. After 2 repeats, the adults were able to resist any vocal response, but the kids from 5 to 18 were busting up maximus, and it was on like Donkey Kong.


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