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Sep 10, 2019
Nogi-oshi Walk-on
Again, you seem to be missing the point and purpose of the Honor Code.
It’s not about the violator’s sin, or repentance, or any of that. It’s about preventing violators from depriving the rest of the students, etc., at BYU from the intended experience. It’s about keeping as many bad things as possible out of the university and maintaining an environment in which things are possible that wouldn’t be possible with people who don’t adhere to the established standards. Without that, there’s no reason for BYU to exist.

Anyone who doesn’t want that should have some integrity and stay away. Anyone who signs his or her name committing to live by certain standards has a moral obligation to have the integrity to do so. Anyone who makes that commitment and then breaks it has no business being at BYU.

Anyone who feels restricted by the Honor Code or the way it is enforced is welcome to go to a place like the University of Utah. It’s easy to get accepted, easy to graduate, and no one expects you to adhere to standards of morality, integrity, or decorum.
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