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Sep 11, 2019
A_blue_car 3rd String
RE: Agree with your observation, but I’m also glad this is an LDS-friendly
I'm late to the debate in the thread where this comment was made, but I just want to take a minute and express my appreciation for this board and specifically the donor categories. While I can see where the original poster is coming from and I agree that those of us who have differing beliefs, opinions, or ideas as the majority of the board have to be a bit more careful, it's never crossed my mind that this is debilitating in our ability to discuss those issues.

I'll admit that I haven't been around for too long and that I'm not clear on what will and won't get me banned or censored. With that said, I have made a number of posts about what I believe that are different than many others. The only time that I have had a message kicked back was a response that was kicked back for toxicity, and after reading it I was just being a jerk for the sake of it. With regards to posting about controversial things that may be different from others, I don't know if I've come close to the line. I will say that when I'm going to post something I do make sure I have thought it through and that it is still respectful to those who believe otherwise. I'm sure I haven't always come off that way, but it is my intention with each post.

I will say, as someone who's beliefs have changed significantly from what they were, this board has been a source of peace and reassurance. Especially being so immersed in our community like I am, it's hard to feel any validation when you no longer believe like everyone else. I'm sure that is in large part perception rather than reality, but I don't think I'm speaking out of place to say that many others in my position feel that. With that being the case it is easy to understand why some who no longer consider themselves active church participants can start to garner resentment and bitterness towards the church.

I was going down that road and this board helped pull me from that in 2 ways. First, it was reassuring to see that there are others in our specific cougar community who were like me. I no longer felt as isolated and rebellious as I did previously. I no longer feel the need to defend myself unnecessarily and just like I hope others are accepting of my changing beliefs, I realize the need to accept their unchanging beliefs. Secondly, it is refreshing and reassuring to be able to talk about certain topics with the filter of the internet. I know that sounds odd as usually it is the other way around, but I think when it comes to certain topics people are more reactionary in talking rather than posting. While my opinion may be formed on certain things, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the thoughts and ideas of others both with similar and differing opinions. I think for the most part people post on those things with thought, tact, and sincerity. Certainly not all fall into those categories, but I'm still surprised at how civil and enlightened some of the discussions can be. For me this has also spilled over into real life. Certain posts and threads have been great catalysts for my wife and I to discuss things that we typically avoid because of the chance for contentment. It's been a good buffer as we navigate accepting each others beliefs.

For the record, I'm not being paid by Jefe to post this, and again, I totally see where the original poster is coming from and agree on some points. With that said, I have no problem needing to be thoughtful and tactful in my posts and responses.
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