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Sep 12, 2019
Chicago Cougar All-American
I Am Down to my High School Weight
After being 60 pounds over. Here is a step by step approach.

Step 1– For 3 months
Get a device with GPS and heart rate monitor.
Eliminate salty snacks and sugar desserts and snacks from your diet. A few almonds are a healthy replacement.
Do 30 minutes of low intensity exercise 5 days a week that raises your heartbeat significantly.

The most difficult part of Step 1 is exercise. Needs to be done early AM and it will likely be walking, jogging or cycling.....it just needs to be something you walk out your door and do without a lot of fuss. If it involves a lot of equipment or getting in your car you likely will not stick with it.

Step Two
Find an exercise passion and start ramping it up.....preferably needs to be something you can do with other people. I exercise with people from my ward every Saturday at 4:00am.....too many competing priorities if you don’t take advantage of early AMs to stays healthy.

Step 3
Eat healthier.....I have made small adjustments to my eating habits mainly related to portion sizes that provided long term benefit.....also sugar is your enemy

I started biking and running and eating better at age 50 with some great results.....long term consistency with modest efforts beat out fad diets and extreme exercise routines.

Good Luck
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