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Oct 8, 2019
BoiseBlue All-American
I'm barely holding it together right now...trapped in an Office episode
I started a new job last week, and I'm in a training session for the Clinical software that we use. It's me and two ladies that will be working in our business office.

The IT trainer starts by asking us to introduce ourselves and give two "interesting facts". Gal #1 has dark hair and a sort of tannish complexion, and introduces herself as Sabrina xxx, and shyly offers that her family loves to go to Disneyland.

At this point the trainer suddenly begins rapidly speaking to her in Spanish, for like, 20 seconds. She stares blankly at him and responds awkwardly "Uhhhh.....I don't speak Spanish".

Now, at this point, most people would just apologize and move on, but not our software trainer. He goes this direction with it - "Oh, that's strange! You definitely look like you would speak Spanish! I can usually tell! What ethnicity are you?" She stammers out that she's "like, Native American, I guess". "Ahhhhhh......yes, yes....I can see it - the bone structure! Your face, and the bones, the way it all kind of....yes, definitely Native American. Can't believe I missed it! What tribe???????" She says "Maybe Navajo?". He thought that sounded right. Good gracious.

I know I should have shut the whole episode down, but honestly, I was just trying not to die laughing. Of course later he makes sure to point out that he learned Spanish on his Mormon mission.
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