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Oct 8, 2019
HalftimeAdjustment Redshirt Freshman
After listening to 4 coaches this week, interesting how all 4 talk about...
...tolerance for mistakes by the players, while asking for more consistency. I know they are trying to be realistic and supportive. But, the repeated use of this language is confusing.

I don't understand the standard.

Tons of, "We are going to make mistakes, and mistakes are okay, but we need to be more consistent". Seems like this in direct conflict. Especially if this tone gets to the team.

Is the standard to "make only a few mistakes"? Or, is the standard to "work until I don't make mistakes."

I know this seems like a small parsing of words, but they talk A LOT about permissiveness of mistakes (young, inexperienced, etc). Sounds like ongoing attempt at excusing poor play.

That, and the overall body language of these guys seems almost broken. I think they are losing confidence in themselves and that is going to translate to the field.

First mistake on Saturday, and it is going to feel like the wheels are off. I wonder if it is because they don't manage to a clear standard of tough discipline.

I never hear Bronco or Whit talking about self-justification for endless mistakes.

Kalani is trying to own it and get tougher (i.e. bad mood...which is good), but little things like the above seem in conflict. One day it is about discipline. The next day it is about love and patience. For winning football at this level, the latter needs to get flushed.

These players are grown men. Treat them like it. Time to grow up.
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