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Oct 9, 2019
Turnpike Lane Monday Morning Quarterback
I think he has a point. But there is a counterpoint to it. Race isn't the issue, but academics.
BYU has become a much more rigorous university now than when he played. So the admissions are tougher and it is meaning cerain players are not getting in now that might have previously. But due to academics.

We can draw a broader cultural conclusion on this is we want to, or keep it BYU centric about the changes that have occurred to admissions at BYU for all students--not just athletes. I got in and wouldn't now with the grades/ACT combo I had. And I'm lillywhite too. I'd do fine in the classroom. But some kids wouldn't, so why admit some just to have to boot them later because they won't cut it in the classroom? And BYU lost more than a few high * guys recently due to failure in the classroom than many other reasons.

So it isn't so simple. BYU isn;t the U for undergrad academics. Or USU. It is more competitive and rigorous. And it does exclude some people.
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