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Oct 13, 2019
Here We Go Again
Hmmm, here we go again. A bunch of stiffs, who if I personally knew them would probably say are some of the kindest people in the world, but unfortunately are more concerned about the structure or wording of a person’s comment or an article than what the person is trying to say or explain. The point of the KSL article is spot on.

I find it interesting that all these loyal cougar fans expect the coaches and players to be fully committed. If they aren’t, off with them already! But what about the administration? What about the School’s board of governors (or what ever their titles are as it relates to the University).

YES, I KNOW THE BUCK STOPS WITH THE TWELVE AND FIRST PRESIDENCY. And yes, I can answer that I support and follow my church leaders.

But to go back to my main point. Why do you guys expect so much from the team and only some from the leaders of the school administration? My questions are not meant to be rhetorical.

Here’s my thinking. The church has repeatedly said that their sports programs are a branch of doing missionary work for the church. I agree with this philosophy and is one of my main reasons I am a season ticket holder. That, and I love football. But why could I go to any historical church site the church owns and see a first class production with no expenses spared to represent the church? Why is it different with BYU athletics?

I could go on but my point would be lost. We don’t need a new stadium or to fill in the corners. (I would be in favor of upgrading the sound system 😉) What we need is an administration who returns to the time they allowed good young men, and women, who might need help academically for a time but would represent the school and church positively and in pro-social and missionary ways? Let them back in. Help them and then they will help us with our message.

Stop the ignorance of thinking it worked in LaVell’s day so it’s can work now. No it can’t. Help higher quality coaches and the correct amount of support staff to complete nationality with recruiting. Yes, we have a smaller pool of recruits each year but that doesn’t mean you can do more with less. It means you hire as many recruiters and support staff as is legally allowed within the NCAA and go to work. Make these kids know we love them and want them at our school. Drowned them with everything BYU. If our talent pool is so small, how is there justification for some recruits not hearing from the coaches for months. WHAT!!!! I know these efforts would help and then, if thing did not improve, that is when letting go of Kalani would need to happen-but not before.

Why are we making it so hard on ourselves?

Always, RoyalBlueGlasses
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