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Oct 14, 2019
RoyalCoug99 Playmaker
Who would want to come coach at BYU in Indy?
Ok, let's say BYU fires Kalani and calls up Jay Hill. He is currently making $185,000 a year at Weber. What is your pitch to bring him to BYU?

"You'll make five times your current salary, you'll be coaching for a D-1 program."... and that's it.

Why wouldn't he want to come here? How about a school that basically won't let you recruit certain atheletes? An Honor Code office that is downright predatory in kicking students out of school? A fanbase that expects a national championship and can't understand why we got blown out by Washington in back to back years? Literally nothing to play for after losing two games?

I'm not saying that Indy is the entire problem, it's definitely coaching right now. But what coach in their right mind wants to try to right this ship with literally everything fighting against them? Take Boise and let's join the AAC. I literally never thought I would be one of these people, but with the problems we face now no coach in their right mind wants to fix this ship in this state. We have to swallow our pride and go G5, win like no ones business beating up on the ECUs, the Cincys, the UConns. Get a couple ten win seasons, maybe go 12-1 and head to a NY6, and then hopefully the P5's come calling in 2024-25 before they ascend to their own P5 conference.

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